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Our Customized Solutions Save You Time and Money

We provide market leading solutions for groups, events, integration with POS and Reservation systems so that your operation is not disrupted by moving to e-sign-up and e-signing of documents. Our solutions help you manage multiple check-ins and high volume customer use.

Do you have Groups with tens or hundreds of people to manage? We save you hours of time per group by delivering a Groups Management sign up and waiver signing solution that is customized to your specific requirements.

Do you manage multiple Events per month or year that require registration, check-in and waivers? We save you hours of time per event by delivering an Events Management solution customized to your requirements that enables YOU to create unique events and links in minutes.

Do you require signing of different documents at multiple locations or need to process and check-in large numbers of people? We provide a simple to access starting page for your customers, volunteers and employees that allow them to sign-up and sign their documents through mobile links that allow them to use their mobile device of choice.

Do you have a POS that you want to enable your customers to sign before they arrive and have their information connected with their reservation ID and date? We have multiple strategies from minimal to full API connection capabilities that make the data connections required between your reservations and our solution with ezWaiver.

Solution Stories

GROUPS MANAGER with ezWaiver

uLEAD required a better way to manage the growing number of groups that were coming to their leadership and challenge course training. All of the logistics of keeping up with all of the people that needed to sign up and also make sure that waivers got signed fell primarily on uLEAD staff.

Solution Details

Gave Group Leaders direct access to the details of who had signed up and signed waivers and easy to use emails with unique links for their group, that they could forward on to everyone
The unique link for each group automatically grouped everyone’s information together
Having everyone’s information grouped together and easy to see, made uLEAD staff’s lives much easier to manage as they were able to view and report on all of the details of their groups before they arrived, from any place and any time
"Enter It Once"

Simple Link

Winter Park required a Unified and Simple to use single link that could be easily accessed by all of their customers and employees through their mobile devices for a variety of activities and documents. They also required high volume customer throughput in a short period of time that wouldn’t require the customers to enter all of their information again on the 2nd or 3rd time through the system and would enable their customer service personnel to be able to quickly check that a current signed document was in place and keep track of how many times the customer had participated.

Solution Details

Handles large volumes of customers for signing and check-in
Customers self-direct to multiple activities and document types to sign
One SIMPLE-LINK (URL) to enter into a mobile device
Season Specific and Signer Specific links available
"Enter It Once"

API driven Middleware for POS with ezWaiver

Red River had a POS system that needed to be an integrated part of the their sign-up and waiver signing requirements for all of their activities. They also had internal processes like managing Groups and Events that were better managed outside of their POS, but still required sign-ups and waiver signing. They also required that all of the specific skier information for rentals be transferred directly into their POS and available for their rental technicians to use forsetting up all of the equipment rentals.

Solution Details

Addressed all reservation and ahead of time sales that required sign up and waivers to be signed by sending signing invitation emails with unique links based on the reservation and unique activities and documents that needed to be signed
Provided on-sight signing before purchase that enabled sales associates to quickly complete a transaction for an activity, knowing that the required information and waivers were in place before completing a sale and also reduced their transaction time by several minutes per customer because they didn’t have to re-enter the customer information before finishing the sale
Whether the rental sale occurred before arrival or the customer signed up when they arrived on site, all of the required rental information was transferred directly into the POS and rental module, enabling the technician to not have to touch any paper to complete their equipment set up process

SIMPLE LINK and Bar Code Card Scanning with ezWaiver

American Shooting Centers required a waiver to be signed each time a customer went to any of their activity specific ranges. They also wanted to be able to quickly and easily check the customer in each time they arrived and validate that their signed waiver hadn't expired, before the customer would be allowed on any of their ranges. And ideally, be enabled by a system that would produce extra revenue for the range that they could use to create and fund Customer Loyalty Programs

Solution Details

The solution enables quick assignment and management of a bar code with each customer that signs up and signs a waiver
The bar code card can be quickly scanned each time the customer arrives on site and will provide the sales staff with a quick go / no-go response indicating whether their waiver is active or whether the customer needs to sign an updated waiver
American Shooting Centers requires all customer to purchase a bar code card when they arrive for the first time and uses extra revenues from these sales to fund special customer loyalty programs
The bar code scanning keeps track of which range facility the customer was scanned in at and also keeps track of how many times they have come to ASC each month and year

A Mobile Solution for the 21st Century

ezWaiverTM is a market leader for electronic waiver systems requiring complexity related to workflow, integration with other software and multiple locations. The software technology behind ezWaiverTM was first developed over 15 years ago and continues to be improved to meet the latest web application requirements for security and reliability. ezWaiverTM has been accepted and is now being promoted by key insurance and legal industry partners across a wide spectrum of industries.

Electronic Liability Release Solution

Our "Enter It Once" strategy uniquely identifies each customer with a PIN, that streamlines the time required for entering information as part of the signing process and also provides a more significant level of security and validation of who the person is that is signing-up and signing their waiver. We take away the hassles related to handling paper and dealing with the other problems that paper creates like manual data entry and forcing queue lines related to check-in.
Enable participants to sign a waiver and fill out their information easily through multitude of mobile devices like smartphones and replace managing, filing and storing paper documents.
American Shooting Centers requires all customer to purchase a bar code card when they arrive for the first time and uses extra revenues from these sales to fund special customer loyalty programs
Each customer can be checked- in and verified for a completed waiver as many times as they participate in activities. Each participating incident will be tracked and reportable.

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